Friday, August 24, 2012


The thought of you... Your hands, your lips, the feel of you... Only indulging for the briefest of moments. Licking, biting, kissing, twisting, grinding, passion. Ripped away too soon. Stolen glances, accidental touches... Forbidden desire confined to a small space. Then, freedom galore! The sparks, the flame, the connection, fill up this small space. Your fingertips, your hands, the feel of you, still linger on my skin. Your fingertips tracing every inch of my face As if you were trying to memorize the territory you meant to invade. Your voice still ringing in my ear, imploring me to explore the world with you. Now, regret, guilt, and longing linger above my head. My subconscious scurrying into the shadows, hoping to be still enough to put off thought. Hoping not to relive those erotic moments, hoping not to feel your hands on my skin, hoping not to feel like I missed out on something.

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  1. nice I must say.. reminded me of someone from my life.. Thanks